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Scrap collection

Recycle Your Vehicles Or Transform Your Scrap Into Cash

Hassle-Free And Same Day Scrap collection in Croydon, London, Bromley, Sutton, Hounslow.

After serving this industry for so many years, now we can easily understand what exactly the scrap car owners want when they call us. They wish to get an easy, quick and simple process of removal of their scraped vehicle; as soon as possible. They are looking for a reliable scrap car service which will allow them to get rid of their unwanted vehicle without hazards and give them the opportunity to earn some instant cash.

Vehicle Disposal

We Can Do This For Free – Experience The Best Vehicle Recovery Services Of My Scrap Cars Without Spending A Single Penny!

Yes, it is true. We do not charge any money for the recovery of your car when it breaks down. Moreover, unlike the other scrap car breakers, we never sell your scrap car; rather we dispose and recycle it in an environment-friendly manner. We guarantee that your car will not be used in any personal or commercial purpose after we take it away from you. We also ensure that it will be recycled in the proper manner; as per the Government norms.

How We Do

Vehicle recycling
  • There is a certain process that we follow while doing this task.
  • First of all, the car owners call us to share the details of their scrap vehicle.
  • Our executives get the basic details, such as the model and brand, the manufacturing year, etc.
  • You have to show us the logbook if possible, but if you do not have it then also our team is here to help you.
  • We will offer you a destruction certificate as well as section 9 of the logbook back.
  • Once the car owner gives approval for that price, we will fix a date with him when our team will visit his place and remove the vehicle from there.
  • They will check the car and then give the cash as per the final agreement between the car owner and our company.
  • Our tow car will take that scrap vehicle out of your property and you can get rid of the same forever.

What 'My Scrap Cars' Do

We remove your scrap vehicles from your property. The vehicle can be totally or partially damaged due to its age or some sort of accident. When you think that it cannot be driven anymore then also you can call us. We take that scrap from you and dispose of it for recycling. Our abandon vehicle removal services are totally trustworthy and profitable for you.

Vehicle disposal

If your scrap car has any value in the market till the date of recovery, then our experts will calculate and tell them an approximate price for that vehicle. We pay in cash!

We provide 24/7 car recovery services, which means you can call us anytime you want. It can be an accident due to which your car is totally damaged and you want to get rid of it immediately. Our immediate car recovery services can make it possible for you.

For the people of Croydon, London, Bromley, Sutton, Hounslow, we are just a phone call away.